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Most people in business realise that their degree of success is related to the qualifications and competence of their key personnel. The right person in the right position can make the difference between success and catastrophe. In our experience a wrong employment can be very expensive. The cost in connection with hiring the wrong person is not only the wages, but rather the consequences of errors made by this person.

For certain jobs there might be a large number of applicants but very few of them are suitable for the position. This selection process is very time consuming and will steal capacity from the manager or the owner of the company.

KBA has long experience within this field and can assist you in the selection process, and we do give you a KBA Guarantee for a successful recruitment. 

We handle in principle the search and selection process as follows ;

-  Clarification meeting with the client deciding
   Profile for the position
   Search method
   Time schedule

-  Search possibly combined with advertising
-  Establishing a long list
-  Priority interview list
-  Interviews
-  List of potential candidates
-  Priority list of candidates
-  References
-  Meetings with candidates and client
-  Offer to the selected candidate
-  Acceptance
-  6 months KBA Guarantee

Kjell B. Andersen in KBA Consulting Company AS has been recruiting managers and specialists for almost 16 years. KBA is recruiting 20 – 30 key persons every year, and we do get many repeat orders from satisfied former clients. 

Our recruitments cover all types of positions and businesses. For instance we have recruited managing directors, CFOs, personnel managers, all types of Technical directors or managers, 
Sales management, Contract- and purchasing managers, sub sea specialists, specialists within drilling technology etc.

We look upon all our recruitments as a great challenge and we use our extensive net work to our clients’ advantage.