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Management consultancy has been one of the main activities of KBA Consulting Company AS. We do have extensive experience from engagements at Management and Board level both nationally and internationally. We have through our consulting activity been involved in a very large number of challenging situations in various fields of business. It is our intention to share this experience with our clients.

We will typically be engaged as operative consultant or appointed to the Board of directors, often as Chairman of the Board. In situations of crisis, we mostly function as an operative consultant.

We can mention examples of situations where we have been advisor/consultant and have contributed to finding good solutions ;

Turn around operations for companies with large losses and where the equity is in the process of disappearing. Here our first task is to find out exactly how serious the situation is. The Debt might have to be reduced. Personnel – and operating costs must be reduced without delay. The customers must be kept informed and looked after. Negotiations with financial institutions must be conducted. Fresh equity will probably have to be found. These are exciting challenges.

Strategy development. A company might be in the process of falling to sleep, while its competitors are racing past. It might be necessary to take a closer look at their business ideas and what they do to make them come true. May be there is a need for a new direction? new customers ? new products? new owners? new management? – After a new strategy has been formulated, an action plan will have to be initiated.

Purchase/sale of activity
Selling a part of the company which is not profitable or in the company’s mainstream can be the start of a new strategic direction. This can make room for rearranging priorities and perhaps make way for new investments either in existing products or for purchase of new business. Domination within your own business niche can be one alternative, buying out your most difficult competitor another alternative. We do have some experience from this type of business cases.

Management consultancy in connection with change processese
We assist companies in making their businesses more competitive.