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About KBA

KBA Consulting Company AS was formed in 1989 by Kjell B. Andersen. The first four years the company cohabited with the auditing company Ernst & Young. In the last nine years KBA has resided in the building owned by Norsk Agip centrally at Forus.

KBA Consulting Company AS is based upon four closely interwoven business ideas:

Business Brokers
We wish to be a natural partner when smaller and medium sized businesses are up for sale. Our aim is to assist the owners in disclosing the values of their company and find the best possible buyer. In this process we intend to be a value adding partner to the process and to our client. – We find buyers both in Norway and abroad.

Management Consulting
With more than 30 years experience in different management positions, board positions and consulting we have a wide experience and have the background to quickly point out the problem areas. We often participate in creative discussions where the aim is to rescue companies in crisis or to make good companies even better. When the improvements are being put into action we prefer to be operative instead of watching.

We recruit managers and specialists. This can happen through direct search “head hunting” or aided by advertising. We recruit top management, middle management and often specialists within “narrow professional niches”. We recruit approximately 25 persons per year. We do give a Quality Guarantee.

Management for hire
Due to sickness, unexpected incidents and other reasons, our clients are sometimes in urgent need of an experienced person who on short notice can enter a management position in order to keep the business running. We have a large network of highly qualified persons, and we can assist you in finding good solutions to such unexpected problems.
About Kjell B. Andersen
Degree in Business Administration and Economics ( Siviløkonom ) from the Copenhagen School of Business Administration and Economics.

Senior Partner/Managing director in KBA Consulting Company AS since 1989-pt

Managing director of Pasco Ledelse AS 1987-89; this was a management consulting company.

Managing director for Sea Truck Holding AS; 1984-87. This was a group of companies engaged in offshore shipping, brokering, property, expediting and travelling.

Director for Pioneer division within Jonas Oegland ASA . 1976-84 

Financial director for Weatherford Norge AS 1976-77

Financial Manager for Aluminium Precision Extruders Ltd (Norsk Hydro) in South Wales ; 

Management trainee with Norsk Hydro AS; 1970-71

Kjell B. Andersen is also holding several board positions, mainly as Chairman of the Board.