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With the activity “Business Brokers” we offer you our expertise in buying and selling companies. We assist owners of companies in their process of selling their companies in a safe, confidential and financial sensible way. We do also undertake to find companies with the purpose to purchase them on behalf of our clients.

Who are our clients ?

The situations differ a lot. Our clients might be owners of family firms facing a transition to a new generation or an external sale. It can also be a larger corporation that for strategic reasons have decided to sell part of their company. It can also be a medium sized company with 2 to 5 owners disagreeing on the road ahead, and they have come to the conclusion that the only solution to the problem is to sell the company. We might also have a situation where the company is in need of a new owner due to lack of financial strength as the company is facing tremendous challenges entering a new market or introducing a new product.

We can also assist an expanding company getting fresh capital ,- for instance by going public. In that case we will cooperate with one of the large financial players that we trust.

Our transactions vary from companies with a turnover of 30 - 300 mill NOKS.

Why use a Business Broker ? 

Our clients are very often very good at running their business in their special trade. They do however acknowledge that when they reach the stage where their life’s accomplishment symbolised by their company is up for sale, they realize that this is a different type of sale.

We look upon selling and buying companies as a very special profession demanding a high degree of perception, initiative, experience, contact network and integrity from the Business Broker. We will try to list some of the advantages using a Business Broker;

· A thorough evaluation of the company’s worth
· The company will be presented in proper manner
· Full discretion both during and after the sales process
· Lawyers and auditors will be used when necessary.
· We will look for the right buyers based upon 20 years experience
· We do have an extensive contact network both in Norway and abroad
· It is our job and duty to prevent any problems for the seller at a later stage
· We take care of all the sales negotiations and contract work and ensures that the  
  payments are done in a safe and proper way
· We will always do our best to ensure an optimal economic solution for our client

What are our conditions ?

We are very concerned that our clients shall get “value for money”, i.e. we wish to create a “plus value” for our clients through our work. For that reason we most often agree a success fee varying with the how well we have solved our task.

  We sit down with our client beforehand and thoroughly analyse the task ahead, the condition of the company, threats and possibilities, the client’s wishes and the possibility for reaching a good solution for our client. We give feedback to our client during this preparatory stage and in the end we formulate a mutually acceptable agreement that we later work by.