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During the years we have been in the consulting business we have established a very large network of contacts. This consists of professionals in a wide variety of trades. This network is vibrantly alive and we get updated about changes in availability of key personnel. Normally we are being contacted when somebody is looking for new challenges or they are between two jobs.

If you are an owner or MD of a company, you might easily come into a situation where one of your key persons disappears, or have to hand in his/her notice, and you will get an immediate demand for a person with similar qualifications in order to keep the ship running until a permanent solution ahs been found.

In such a situation we will ask you to contact us and we will sit down with you and discuss possible ways to solve the problem. From previous experience we have a good track record for finding the right person in our network that should be able to fill the open position on a temporary basis.

Such a “Management for hire” arrangement may last for a period of 2 to 12 months based upon the need. At the same time we are prepared to assist you in finding a permanent solution.

“Management for hire” protects values accumulated in the company and limits any negative effects of sudden changes in the personnel situation.